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about Nat

I have always been curious and wanted to explore any place new.    History on the other hand was never something I had any interest in.  

Six years ago, I was sitting on the edge of alcove in the face of an 800’ cliff in southeastern Utah.  I was looking up and down the canyon floor, 200’ below.   I found myself trying to decipher the meaning of the rock art and comprehend the day-to-day life of the Ancestral Puebloan Indians that had inhabited the cliff dwellings, immediately behind me, a millennium ago. 

What really struck me was that the only reason these people would have chosen such a forbidding location is because they were incredibly frightened.  They were desperately trying to hide.   So, who were they hiding from? 

That question haunted me enough to seek out the answer.  Unfortunately, when I learned the answer, it brought up more questions.  It seemed that for every answer I found, more questions emerged.  Well, six years later, I have learned some amazing things.  I have also become more curious than ever.  My explorations and trying to comprehend what I am experiencing has become a passion.  

nat above the tree line in the Sangre de Cristo mts
Everywhere I go, even if it is a place I have been before, I see or learn something new.   It is so exciting to share what I have discovered and come to understand.  What is equally exciting is meeting new people and observing them trying to get a grasp of what they are experiencing.

Who am I, what am I about?  Mountains, deserts, canyons, mesas, rivers, lakes, sunrises, rock formations, seasons, sunsets, clean air & water, plant, animals (particularly dogs), people, different cultures and points of views, family, friends, children, bicycles, photography, music, art, learning, history, good food & drink, laughter, and quiet moments are some of the things I cherish.  Join me in discovering a world that is enchanting and endlessly fascinating, Northern New Mexico.

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