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I can't say enough good things about Nat and his tour guide skills.  First of all, he is like a history, archeology, anthropology and geology professor all rolled in to one.  And a fun one, at that!  He is flexible and accommodating with his clients, shows you the sights that interest you and is just very, very good at what he does.  You really get your bang for your buck!  Would I recommend him?  Without hesitation!   Steve G, Encinitas, CA
It' s Gayle from Chicago. Thank you again for a great day in New Mexico. It was most enjoyable! Hope all is well with you. As promised, here is a testimonial.

I decided to take some much needed time, and go somewhere alone that I've never been to before. I ended upon in Santa Fe a place I've always wanted to visit. After checking into the lovely hotel, I inquired about day trips to Taos. There were a few guided tours, that I was interested in. A person who worked at the front desk, told me about Nat who worked for the hotel as a shuttle driver, and said he does private tours, and there is nobody better who knows this region like Nat!
As a solo female traveler, there of course was some hesitation, given I was a stranger in a strange land, and now I am supposed to consider spending the day with yet another stranger? Moments later I met Nat, and I instantly knew that not only was I going to be "safe & sound," but I knew that I was going to see some amazing sites, and learn about the magic of Santa Fe, Taos and the spirit of New Mexico. He lived up to it all! Not only was Nat a "wealth of knowledge, but his wonderful personality and his terrific sense  of humor added to a most delightful day! If you want to learn about almost anywhere in New Mexico, see some
beautiful, and sacred grounds,I would highly recommended spending the day with Nat.  You will not be disappointed!  Gayle R., Chicago, IL
Hi Nat! I can't thank you enough for taking us on the two tours. I would say you are the most knowlegable historian in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Just listening to you about the various sites we saw and the commentaries on the  Native Americans gave one a sense that you where there.  You could almost feel the struggles these people had daily just to survive and the respect they had for their land, the animals, and their life of spirituality.  It was a humbling experience to say the least. If we went off by our self, yes we would have gotten some great pictures of the ruins,churches, and landscapes but we wouldn't of gotten the history or the feel of what life was really like in those days. You did a great job.  You weren't just a guide but you became a friend.  Unlike other tours that I have taken where you get off a bus and get rushed back on you where totally different. You took your time and  you answered any questions we had. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to get the full flavor of the history of Santa Fe and it's surroundings. It was great meeting you and I consider you a friend I won't forget.  P.S. Thanks for helping us out with the car problems and thanks for the recommendations about where to eat.  I think the "Shed" was my favorite restaurant.  Sandy B., Rhode Island.
I am writing to reiterate what a terrific experience I had on your tour of Santa Fe ( my sister will write separately ).

The knowledge and insight you shared about the history, culture and views of the area were crucial in coloring my entire vacation in NM. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous guidance and for imparting your beautiful enthusiasm for Santa Fe. You will forever be a major part of the memory of my spirit rich vacation.  Kady, NY

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